CODForums moves to xenForo!


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#1 is one of the first, and is the largest Call of Duty Forum to transfer to xenForo.

It was transferred from vB4 via Paul M's importer. The stats are, before the transfer:

Threads - 904
Posts - 2,870
Members - 2,263

After the import, the banned members have been depreciated in xenForo:

Discussions - 917
Messages - 2,885
Members - 2,133

The additional posts are from albums and groups.

Over the next few days, I will be working on the skin and whatnot. :)


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But why are you posting this if there's still no XF to see? At least link us to your test board to see and give you a couple of suggestions? Otherwise I'd say wait until you have something. Just saying. :)


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I'm deleting the old vb files, so I don't want to lose track of what happened.

Temporary link to the xenforo instance. [Removed]


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You still have a vBulletin favicon btw.
It's gone. I moved the file to a dedicated folder...It should not be there.

If anyone has suggestions for which skin should the main skin for CODForums, please do not hestitate to speak up.


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An update to let everyone know that MW3 is approaching and I had used xenForo's awesome header and navigation feature to swap the old halloween image to more Modern Warfare 3 themed. Are you ready for MW3? I am!


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I would look at reducing the file-size of your huge logo banner. I download it and it's coming in at 67kb. I just optimized the image best I could without losing too much quality and got it down to 12kb, a saving of 55kb being loaded.



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Yeah that, if that's what it is for you :p.
Well, the "banner" is actually two images. Hence the confusion.

EDIT: @Rev - Alignment has been fixed. Let me know if that works for you!

@mrGTB - Overwrote the banner and now CODForums should be loading quite faster.

Thanks guys for the help!


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I would love to hang around, but I can't get over the theme :(
Then hang around! :):D

I'm trying to get users accustomed to the software before I change things around.

Everyone's used to vBulletin, and I don't think we're at a point where users are like "okay! I like this site, where do I sign up!?"

Once 1.1 goes gold, I'm going to consider adding a new skin.


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I'm going to be honest and give you my own thought. There literally is absolutely nothing that makes me want to sign up to the forum. There's no activity, no custom skin, no real discussions, and a half-finished header looks like you haven't even put any work onto the forum. I'm sorry, but that's how I feel when I look at this post and your site. At the very least you could purchase a pre-made skin and try to encourage your members to start talking again about COD.


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I am very humble, so any suggestion is vital.

And I can be as honest as anyone! :D I'm not very good at photoshop, so the very best thing I can do is find a seamless image into the background.

A part of me wants to get to work on the skin, but the other part of me is trying to play safe. Nobody likes the MW3Boards skin because of the orange category strips. Just remember, I spent over a thousand dollars JUST for CODForums [granted, a few domain names came with CODForums, but it's the only thing that prompted me to buy it for a grand].

If I messed around with the skin so much that the members didn't like it, then I lose money in the middle of Modern Warfare 3's current rise.