Blasterforum moves to Xenforo!


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We have finally completed the migration from vB3 and launched the xenForo version of the site!

I was extremely close to finishing the upgrade to vB4 until someone mentioned xenForo. Very happy and well worth the fact that I scrapped a few months of previous work and started fresh with xenForo. The hardest part (besides months of working on the style) was removing the vB mods (which were often unsupported) and converting that data to standard functionality so that the xenForo migrator will work smoothly and keep the data I need.

First time designed a xenForo (or any other) forum style so I am sure you can find more than one thing wrong... ;). So please, feel free to offer your thoughts and suggestion. Since its still and always a work in progress, I may definitely apply them :)

BTW, to make it easier for members to transition and learn the new features, I created a thread with most of the user end featured from the HYS thread(y)


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I took these along from the old site and did actually consider making them non-flashing but never went through with it. I guess I did think of it from guest perspective where everything is always flashing. Maybe i'll flatten them and then redesign them altogether some time.
What a great forum Blasterforum is. I love the update to it. I have been a member from way back. It was the first forum I joined and have got so much out of it. I want to thank you for all the hard work you have put into the forum..your a great guy with a great forum. God bless you bro.