TEAMFIAT.COM moves from vBulletin to xenForo


Dear Community Members,

Hello from India!

Happy to announce that we have succesfully migrated our forum Team Fiat India (TFI),, from vBulletin to xenForo. We are a small forum with 9k+ members and some 250k+ posts but we are growing every year.

For us vBulletin was having two major issues. It was becoming Bulky & Buggy. The former was putting a stress on our VPS and the latter was letting down our users. Thankfully our members are a loyal bunch so we were not losing them but then that was the forum's credit not vBulletin's !! After tolerating this inconsitent behaviour for about a year we decided to make the switch.

My fellow partner in the website (@CountRock ) was keeping a keen eye on xenForo. When we saw two big forums (DigitalPoint & TechEnclave) make the switch to xenForo we knew where we were going. We did have a look at IPB but the pricing was way too ambitious for us. During this time we were also thinking about revamping our website, giving it a fresh new look (we were running the standard vbulleting 4.2 theme) and adding more features. The developer community support and add-ons available for xenForo also played a significant part in our decision making. One fine day we went ahead and bought the license.

The following were on our agenda when we started this project of migrating to xenforo and revamping our forum:

  1. Mobile & Tablet compliant community (we like Tapatalk but it's a compromise at best!)
  2. A nice looking homepage
  3. Photogallery
We then brought in a website designer + coder who helped us with the above. For the homepage we went ahead with XenPorta (And we really hope we get XenPorta 2.0 soon!). We also came across XenReviews which we thought was an awesome add-on. We are an automotive community so XenReviews was a perfect add-on that could help our member rate dealers and service centers.

As of now our portal is running the following add-ons:

  1. XenPorta
  2. Xenreviews
  3. XenGallery
It has been a month since the migration and redesign was completed and we went live. It has been smooth sailing and our members love it! We are therefore happy too. Yes: there are some features of vBulletin that we miss but we are sure they will come along as the penetration of XenForo in the market increases.

Attaching some screenshots of our old (vbulletin) and new (xenforo) community.

Our vBulletin community
1-home.png 3-whats new.png 4-posts.png
Our AWESOME xenForo community !!







I am sure @CountRock will add more stuff that I have missed. (especially the technical one!).

We hope you like our website. Look forward to some comments & feedback.

Kudos to xenForo and may the xenForo tribe grow !!



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Is that possible/easy to tweak cause that's what our sites main page has and what I also wish for the forum that is under construction to get :)