vBulletin to xenForoS


Hi, I have a few questions... I'm using vBulletin 4.25 with vBadvanced. vBadvanced was nice because it allowed me to configure the hell out of my forum. I currently have a live chat with rotating banners on my forums home page.

That being said, as much as I like it, it's a bit antiquated and probably won't be supported by many hosts in the near future.

Does xenForo have something similar to this?



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I don't know what vbadvanced is so can't comment.

Rotating banners is easily achieved with the built in features.

There are various chat add-ons.


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I had vBadvanced. I'm not particularly fond of the "portal" frontend any longer, at least the blocky chunky look that VBA had, but yes there are options here as well and a little more sleek to boot.