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Hi, I have a few questions... I'm using vBulletin 4.25 with vBadvanced. vBadvanced was nice because it allowed me to configure the hell out of my forum. I currently have a live chat with rotating banners on my forums home page.

That being said, as much as I like it, it's a bit antiquated and probably won't be supported by many hosts in the near future.

Does xenForo have something similar to this?

I had vBadvanced. I'm not particularly fond of the "portal" frontend any longer, at least the blocky chunky look that VBA had, but yes there are options here as well and a little more sleek to boot.
While I don't have vbadvanced or whatever. I am using 4.2.5 and it is time to upgrade. I do NOT like the v5 of vbulletin, it is even less customizable than the version 4s were and those were less so than the 3s...


The emoticon like responses, is there a way for a user to turn off notifications if they don't want to see them? On a political website with folks from all political spectrums there are folks that will "angryface" (or groan) every post of someone just to annoy them with notifications though most folks like to use the feature responsibly.

Edit: I just checked the CP, I see there is a way to just turn off all notifications for reactions. Is there a way to ensure someone you ignore cannot use reactions on your post?
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