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CodeMirror PHP mode is broken in ACP

Affected version
2.0.1 - 2.0.2


Active member

Put the code below in any admin template (for example in addon_list):
<xf:codeeditorrow mode="php" data-line-wrapping="true" class="codeEditor--autoSize" />
This code creates code editor row without any errors:

But the code is not highlighting and throws an error when hitting "Enter":

I think this error happens because of the incorrect mode calls order. "clike" mode should be loaded first and only after that "php" mode should be loaded. So I tried to change the order in CodeLanguage class:
// Before:
// 'php',
// 'clike'
// Now:
'php' => [
    'modes' => [
    'mime' => 'text/x-php',
    'common' => true
I did not notice any errors and the editor is even making automatic tabulation but still no highlighting...

Moreover, function has a cm-variable class but it must has cm-keyword class so there is something working completely wrong with mode="php"...

Other modes (html, javascript) are working fine:

UPD 1: tried to change cm-variable class to cm-keyword. The word was highlighted correctly so everything is okay with LESS/CSS side.
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