1. CMTV

    Plain not-wrapped php for <xf:codeeditorrow...

    The suggestion is simple: add a new mode called php-plain to the list of CodeMirror supported languages with text/x-php mime type. This can be useful for addon creators who want to add php editor rows in their addon.
  2. CMTV

    Fixed CodeMirror PHP mode is broken in ACP

    Hi! Put the code below in any admin template (for example in addon_list): <xf:codeeditorrow mode="php" data-line-wrapping="true" class="codeEditor--autoSize" /> This code creates code editor row without any errors: But the code is not highlighting and throws an error when hitting "Enter"...
  3. CMTV

    XF 2.0 PHP <xf:codeeditorrow...

    Hi! I am trying to add PHP <xf:codeeditorrow in my admin template. I tried this code: <xf:codeeditorrow name="test_name" value="..." mode="php" data-line-wrapping="true" class="codeEditor--autoSize" /> But I get an error every time I hit...
  4. otto

    Duplicate Implement Codemirror for colored Template Syntax when edit

    Its a suggestion for a XenForo 2.0. ;) I would like to see a codemirror implementation like the unmaintained addons "Template Syntax" and "XFMerge" (great addons from nattan) it does in the new XenForo 2.0 or above for easyer template/tms editing.