Fixed Closing out BB tags (especially URL)

Affected version
2.1, 2.2


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If URL is not properly closed, or even the following text, not even a valid URL (HTTP://, etc.), without a URL closing, the entire text will become a URL in some cases and in other cases, text completely disappears if not a new line/paragraph (test message linked below shows it converting to a link while this message if you click 'Edit' [moderators] will see text that disappears if in the same paragraph]).

In the case of URL, it should regex validate URLs, otherwise, render them useless.

As for other BB code, it should check (just like template editing in the admin console enters a closing tag) whether it is closed out properly or not before rendering.

This is a test message and the URL code will be entered after this word and everything else will become a "...ding BB code tag. This must be a bug, right?


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We have made some changes here in part of another bug which looks to have resolved this.