Fixed  Closing quote breaks entire quote when back-spaced up to end of URL


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Not sure if this is a duplicate report, but I quoted a post today that had a URL in it and when I used the backspace to remove the newline (pulling the closing quote tag right up next to the end of the URL in the quoted text) it applied the link to the closing quote tag and made the whole reply a quote, thus:

[quote="Terrorz, post: 113758"]Here is a really big vB 3.8 one... [URL][/quote[/URL]]
Give it a try by replying to this post and pulling the closing quote tag right up next to this URL:

Shaun :D


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I've just tested that here and on my install.
Each time it functioned correctly.

Which browser are you using?


Formerly CyclingTribe
Also, when replying to a "fudged" response you get this ^^^^ empty quote.

The quote reference and tags are there (mods or admins will see them when editing this very post), but there is no content between the quote tags so it comes up blank in the following (this) post.


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Fixed locally. It looks for any BB code that appears to be partially eaten by the link and moves it outside.