Classifieds [Paid] 1.0.13

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Another question. My other addons all have FA icons in the nav bar, but this doesn't. Could you add one? Or how can I edit and add it myself?


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There are some issues for me. I have to choose this and that in the options, else i get errors in the frontend.
Why i need a type or a package for example?


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This addon does have some good features, but I have a few requests that would be VERY useful for lifting this to a premium tier ^^
  • You can process payments (Paypal) through this addon, just like the XFA Marketplace addon. So users can add their Paypal as a payment method on their listings. (the buyer can of course still chose to fix payments manually/some other way, this is just an option).
  • You can require a percentage on sales, automatically retrieved upon payment (when using paypal). For example 3%.
  • You can provide users with the capability to pay to have their listing featured on the index and categories pages.
  • Allow a user to select their preferred payment method(s) (you can select all that are applicable):
PayPal Bank Transfer
Other Online Payment Service COD (cash on delivery)
  • Allow users to list if they accept to send orders through mail, or just local deliveries. Where do you ship, if so? Example:View attachment 225461
  • When posting a new listing, you should be able to add view a CONDITION POLICY. This is a info text that will show next to the different conditions. For example, the definition of "very good", "like new", "acceptable" etc. The admin can add these details in the ACP.

@NixFifty Any response?


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Sorry, I missed that. Some of those are planned but something like percentage splits is probably a bit gnarly and will need some looking in to if it's feasible.
That's okay, the percentage one was the least important one :) (I saw it on the XFA Marketplace addon, and found it be a cool feature). But the other suggestions I really hope will happen =)