Classifieds 1.0.13

No permission to buy ($60.00)
  • Fixes issues caused by cached custom fields
  • New listing view design.
  • Fix custom fields not saving.
  • Fix content not being censored properly.
  • Add per-category listing templates.
  • Added missing phrase for reactions.
  • Fix issues with payment awaiting page.
  • Fix issue where listings weren’t always validated before saving.
  • Add default image for listings with no attachments.
  • Add option to show default image instead of avatars on listing list.
  • Added missing behavior for custom fields to Listing entity.
  • Added missing isWatched to both Category and Listing entities.
  • Add ability to show full attachment image instead of thumbnail.
  • Fix error when selecting listings for moderation.
  • Fix broken authors area.
  • Fix various typos.
  • Fixed issue when marking a listing as sold
  • Fixed broken link on what’s new
  • Fixed several email issues
  • Made all of a user’s listings available to them in the list view
  • Added support for managing watched listings and categories
  • Added widget to overview of what’s new
  • Fixed ability to include listings without conditions
  • Added ability for moderators to close any listing
  • Improved ability for moderators to open any listing
  • Added ability to clear sold status on a listing (removes the ability for the sold user to provide feedback)
  • Add missing news feed template
  • Fixed issue when attempting to delete a payment profile in use by a package
  • Fixed an issue where a moderator’s email would be saved to a listing’s contact information.
  • Fixed an issue where pagination wouldn't work on categories and author's pages.
  • Fix issue causing rebuild errors with likes
  • Add missing icon to option group
  • Auto select radio based options if only one is present (only on new listings)
  • Fixes add-on conflict
  • Add missing upgrade step for an older upgrade
  • Fix broken feedback alert
  • Allow quick info phrases to be changed on a per-category basis.
  • Add classifieds to the sitemap
  • Cleanup installer

As a note, this update is smaller in scale due to not having time to work on the add-on until recently. This has changed for at least a couple months so updates should be more regular.
Adds support for bookmarks and reactions and fixes a bug preventing editing of prefix groups.
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Note: This is the final 2.0.X compatible update.
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from being created in ACP
  • Fixed missing category delete function
  • Removed leftover menu item from listing mod tools
  • Add an alert for a user when they receive feedback
  • Fix potentially missing columns from database tables.
  • Added open listing from mod tools
  • Payment window for packages will now only show providers enabled for the applicable classifieds category
  • Handle deletion of classifieds categories better
If there is an issue with your build and you're using 2.0.X in the future, you can PM me and I'll look into it for you, but there will be no guaranteed updates for 2.0.X anymore.
With this version's release, the add-on has temporarily been made compatible with the XenForo 2.0.X line. This is the final major update for the 2.0.X line.

Changes in 1.0.6:
  • Added feedback widget for listing view
  • Added feedback tab to user profile
  • Added the ability to link multiple categories to a single node.
  • Added alert when a user marks you as the buyer of their item.
  • Added an option for replacing "post new thread" with "post new listing" on a forum's thread list. This will now show an overlay similar to but only with applicable categories.
  • Added the ability to edit user feedback via ACP.
  • Added feedback score as a user criteria
  • Added feedback to quick stat pairs
  • Added missing search form for listings
Changes for 2.1.X users:
  • Removed bookmarks, push notifications, and reaction support.
    This had to be done so that I could make both versions compatible, sorry. These features will return once the add-on is 2.1.X only again.
Changes for 2.0.X users since 1.0.4:
  • Consult the 1.0.5 update history located here.
As usual, if you encounter any bugs, please post them in the bug reports forum located here.
With this update, XenForo 2.1+ is now required
  • Adds feedback system
    • Permission based
    • Shown on profiles
    • Feedback can be edited / deleted by creator or by those with permission
    • Style properties for colors and icons
  • Fix bug where 0.00 would show instead of saying Free.
  • Implements bookmarks
  • Implements reactions
  • Fixes display of custom fields
  • Added listing cover image to search results
  • Fix issue where uninstalling would not remove phrases added dynamically
  • Fix broken purchasable class reference (If you still cannot use the paid package system, let me know.)
  • Added sold label to listing view
  • Added mark listing as sold
  • Added ability to require a user to be listed when marking a listing as sold
  • Show feedback score in message elements
  • Added listings tab to profiles
This update fixes an issue that would cause errors when trying to save a cover image. For those waiting for the feedback update, this is not it. That update should come during the next week.
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