Beta Classifieds 1.0.5 Beta

No permission to buy ($60.00)
With this update, XenForo 2.1+ is now required
  • Adds feedback system
    • Permission based
    • Shown on profiles
    • Feedback can be edited / deleted by creator or by those with permission
    • Style properties for colors and icons
  • Fix bug where 0.00 would show instead of saying Free.
  • Implements bookmarks
  • Implements reactions
  • Fixes display of custom fields
  • Added listing cover image to search results
  • Fix issue where uninstalling would not remove phrases added dynamically
  • Fix broken purchasable class reference (If you still cannot use the paid package system, let me know.)
  • Added sold label to listing view
  • Added mark listing as sold
  • Added ability to require a user to be listed when marking a listing as sold
  • Show feedback score in message elements
  • Added listings tab to profiles
This update fixes an issue that would cause errors when trying to save a cover image. For those waiting for the feedback update, this is not it. That update should come during the next week.
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Fixed an issue that would prevent location related fields from being disabled by category settings.
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  • Improvements to support different index layouts and add an initial grid view based on code from @hemant_bhardwaj. Thanks!
  • Minor bug fixes and code improvements
  • Added category option to require image attachments on listings
  • Fixed several minor bugs
  • Added thumbnail support to listings
  • Bug fixes
  • Begins groundwork for grid view of products
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