1. NixFifty

    Classifieds 1.0.14

    This add-on is not affiliated with XenForo Ltd. This add-on allows your users to list items for sale and trading. In addition to this, it also offers functionality to monetize these listings. A demo board can be seen at Features: Allow users to create...
  2. Alfa1

    Official XenForo Commerce Addon: Donations, Shop, Billing, Monetizing, Ads, Subs, affiliate, etc

    IMHO financial features need to be in 1st party software because of the potential for abuse and the need for solid code. Such functionality would give addon developers a wide range of possibilities. Having such official addon would allow xenforo webmasters to generate much more income through...
  3. Alfa1

    Lack of interest Usergroup Permission to display content

    Many of the usergroup permissions in XenForo are based on viewing or functionality. For example permission to view or edit signature. For boards that want to give features to premium members, it is needed to have usergroup permissions to display content. For example: display signature display...
  4. Digital Doctor

    Add-on Audio per thread.

    when you enter a thread ... some audio plays. XF2 release thread ... some triumphant trumpets play. Your role play thread has an audio explanation of the intended storyline. Maybe the audio autoplays the first time in the thread. Subsequently it must be manually started. Stream a SoundCloud...
  5. S

    What Ad Manager Add-On Would Suit My Forum Best?

    I am preparing to monetise a midsize forum and not sure what to choose to manage this. Instead of adsense type advertising I am going to have a lot of different local businesses(in the 100s) so each ad must be managed individually. There needs to be a lot of positioning options and the ability...
  6. tribedude

    Monetize with us: FORUMCAST specializes in providing CPM ads to forums.

    I run an advertising network called FORUMCAST. We provide CPM banner advertising for forums. I love working with fellow forum owners! A big board forum owner myself for over 20 years, I understand the importance and necessity of advertising to maintain and grow online communities. FORUMCAST is...