Monetize with us: FORUMCAST specializes in providing CPM ads to forums.


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I run an advertising network called FORUMCAST. We provide CPM banner advertising for forums.

I love working with fellow forum owners! A big board forum owner myself for over 20 years, I understand the importance and necessity of advertising to maintain and grow online communities. FORUMCAST is currently serving 1.3 million ads a day into our partner forums in verticals ranging from gaming to specialized industry communities.

We are always looking for more great forums to add to our network. Start a private conversation with me if you'd like to talk about joining FORUMCAST as a partner.

We can help your Xenforo forum monetize in the following ways:

Get Google Doubleclick Ad Exchange (AdX) ads for your forum.
FORUMCAST is a Google Ad Exchange Seller and we’ll get ads from AdX for your Xenforo forum. Google Doubleclick Ad Exchange is the largest, most trusted source of advertising on the internet. AdX can be used at the same time and on the same pages as your existing Google Adsense ads. As well, AdX immediately opens up additional ad slots your forum can monetize.
If you run a very high traffic big board and already have an AdX account, you can even use FORUMCAST AdX to compete in your stack against your existing AdX account to split test and ratchet up your revenue.

We actively sell your forum's traffic to media buyers and on the largest ad exchanges.
We get high fill rates and great CPM for your forum by selling your forum's traffic directly to media buyers and on the largest ad exchanges. One of my primary goals when I started FORUMCAST was to re-position forums in the minds of media buyers, changing their perceptions of forums as old obsolete technology, into places brimming with content and populated by key influencers in various desirable verticals. Now, as a result, we constantly get approached by media buyers outside the exchanges and direct only the best of it to our FORUMCAST partner forums.

We'll help your forum set up advertising for best results.
Whether your forum uses and ad server like DFP or not, we can advise you on how to best set up your ads to maximize your revenue. Advice is free for our partners. We advise our partners on optimal ad sizes and placements, and we also knowledge-share between our partner forums - so when one partner discovers something that can increase ad revenue; all FORUMCAST partner forums can benefit from that knowledge. Programmatic online advertising is about to go through some significant changes in the next few years and we'll help our partners stay on top of that too.

Integrating Google AdX into your existing DFP setup.
FORUMCAST can advise you on how best to set up your DFP stack to squeeze every last cent out of your existing (non Google) networks, FORUMCAST AdX, and your privately sold ads.

Set it and forget it, or be as active managing your advertising as you want.
Most forum owners have their hands full just managing their communities dealing with day to day forum ops. Becoming a FORUMCAST partner can be as simple as installing a few ad tags in your forums, leaving the selling to us, then sitting back and collecting payments. Or, if you want to be more active with the ads on your forum, we can help you do split testing and channel testing of individual ad slots to incrementally increase earnings over time on all your ad inventory.

Payment is fast and by Paypal.
FORUMCAST offers our partners fast payment and the highest revenue share in the industry. We pay Net 30 days, which is roughly on the same timeline as Google Adsense, but a week later. We pay by Paypal although bank drafts can be arranged for larger payments.

Start a private conversation with me, I look forward to hearing from you!

- Alex
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I've been working with Forumcast for over a year now and have no complaints! He's responsive, works with you to dial in your ads, and I'm getting a more than decent return for my ad space.

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So 1000 page views with one ad is the same as 1000 page views with two ads?
No, 1000 pageviews with one ad per page is 1000 ad impressions, while 1000 pageviews with two ads per page is 2000 ad impressions.

With a $1 CPM, 1000 ad impressions pays you $1, and 2000 ad impressions pays you $2.


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1000 page views with 1 ad = 500 page views with 2 ads. It is best not to use page views when counting ads, however, as this is not how ads are usually counted in the industry.

Ads are measured when they are served into a page. CPM is how much it costs for 1000 ads to be served into a page. With RTB (real time buying) on programmatic ad networks there are other factors that go into pricing besides the number of ads shown.

1) Placement of the ad on the page (the higher up the page the better)
2) Ad unit size
3) where the site serving the ad is based in the world (US,CAN, UK pay the most)
4) where the person who saw the ad is based in the world (US,CAN, UK have the most value)
5) and these days, the value of the person viewing the ad to the advertiser (if the person was looking at hotels or airline sites that day and the ad on your site is for a hotel or an airline for example). Advertisers will pay more for ads targeting a person who is almost ready to buy.
6) Advertisers are now also measuring how long the ad is seen for on the page (viewabilty)


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Hi there, I might be interested in this? I assume it's better than google adsense? Sorry but I'm not too familiar with all this. My site is in my signature where you can see my current google ads, but they are only displayed to guests.