Add-on Audio per thread.

Digital Doctor

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when you enter a thread ... some audio plays.

XF2 release thread ... some triumphant trumpets play.

Your role play thread has an audio explanation of the intended storyline.

Maybe the audio autoplays the first time in the thread. Subsequently it must be manually started.

Stream a SoundCloud song of your choice to match the thread.

The audio can kinda set the mood of the thread.

Maybe the OP could have audio updates to the thread so when you come back and the thread is on page 3, the new audio message plays as you peruse the new threads.

I think it could be useful and fun. Listen to something as you read.

Or maybe there could be the odd audio ad ?

Ooooh. I like this one.

Digital Doctor

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Anyone seen an addon like this ?

A forum with deep audio integration ?

A sports site could stream blog audio dealing with the topic.

Maybe a game day thread could have 5 audio channels and you could listen to whichever person you want who is streaming audio comments about the game.