Changing User Groups Structure - What's the right way?


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When we were on vBulletin, we had several usergroups. I had created about 15 user-groups corresponding to ranks. Those got carried over to Xenforo during import. I'm now planning to switch to a much simpler structure -

  1. Admins
  2. Mods
  3. Registered
  4. Banned
  5. Unregistered / Guests
  6. Group - I
  7. Group - II
  8. Group - III
I wish to know, what is the right way to make this change? Should I just delete the custom usergroups -> then create new usergroups -> set promotion?


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It's up to you.

You can continue using the custom usergroups which were created during the import or you can delete them and create new ones.

It won't make any difference.