XF 1.5 Edit Display of Tags (template?) the right way


I am new to Xenforo, but have a decent development background. I'm looking to modify the display of the tag results (see screenshot below) for my site.

I am assuming that I would edit the a "tag" template or something. But is that the best way of going about it?

I was also debating creating a new page that would use the PHP CallBack functionality that I learned about here:

Student question in regards to the callback, but where do you put the PHP file that contains the class / method?

I really like the tagging system, especially for us since we offer martial arts videos / training; and it's easy to organize content.

But I am looking for better / more advanced ways of displaying.

For example, I want a page that only displays an array of certain tags to select in the sidebar, and the results in the main content area.

I know I'm asking a lot of questions, but I've come up a bit confused when looking through help.

I appreciate any suggestions, Thank you!!!


screenshot-soulfightersacademy.com 2016-11-06 14-04-21.png