tag design

  1. Soul Fighters Academy

    XF 1.5 Edit Display of Tags (template?) the right way

    Hello, I am new to Xenforo, but have a decent development background. I'm looking to modify the display of the tag results (see screenshot below) for my site. http://soulfightersacademy.com/network/index.php?tags/ I am assuming that I would edit the a "tag" template or something. But is that...
  2. PrettyPixels

    Tags - Suggestions

    I'm thrilled to see tagging added in 1.5. Thanks so much for all the hard work and improvements! :) That said, I have a few suggestions that could make tagging much more powerful. The first two features on this list were included in the XenTag add-on and were very useful. 1) Allow members to...
  3. erich37

    Show "Tag Cloud" at Forum Home & for each Forum-Node

    Suggestion: Show "Tag Cloud" at Forum Home & for each Forum-Node Example: at the bottom of this website: http://weheartit.com