Implemented Change The Star For Watched Threads!


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I like the new tweaks that are done in 1.2. One small comment, change the star to something else thats more related to watched threads (one/two eyes) instead of a star that could be interrupt as something else.

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 1.16.09 AM.png
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I thought it was a post that was liked a lot or something haha, definitely would change it, even a magnifying glass or something.


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I wouldn't care if it was changed to something simple like thiseye2.png...and I think there is room on the sprite sheet so whatever, if it happens cool.


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I wouldn't mind something like this.
Generally anything that is relative to sight would suffice...if it is not getting changed to something along those lines...i don't really see the point in it being changed under the same basic idea of the snippet beneath...
~ I interpreted the star as a Favorite.
Either way now that I think of it...the resource manager has stars and that being the case with stars better used for rating things...I am starting to feel like some simple one color icon would be ideal ...

A magnifying glass to me says inspect more than anything...

When I think 'Binoculars' in general, it makes me think of sightseeing, birdwatching and Marty McFly's peeping tom adolescent father.

Actually now that I think about it...binoculars work great for this...(though I would want them to be one color reallySearch-2-icon_WhiteOut.png ) because when I see an eye I could think watching it but the first thing that might come to my mind is "oh I have seen that already and don't remember it...must not be important n/m".

With binoculars it gets more to the point of watching something (like a baseball game or nature) of specific content, and as I pointed out with an eyeball one could be interpreting 'see' instead of 'watch' very easily, especially someone new to the forum.


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Gold/yellow stars are synonymous with ratings.

Either a small eye icon or alternatively the mini avatar that indicates you've posted on a thread.

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These watched star icons are so annoying to look at. I'm thinking about using this Stylish firefox extension to replace them with that glasses icon.