Not a bug For watched threads without e-mail notification, alerts do not appear

Affected version
Maybe 2.2.5
My preferences are set to receive alerts:

– however when I opt to watch a thread without e-mail notification, it seems that the end result is (also) no alert, when someone replies to a watched thread.

I see this 2019 thread XF 2.0 - Watched threads not working? | XenForo community but I'm not aware of the red alert that's described in the reply.

Also this 2021 thread from @Brad L XF 2.2 - Thread Alerts - Explanation Needed | XenForo community however I don't suspect an issue with explanations; the preferences pictured above are clear and simple.

For test purposes:

If you are a user of the freebsd forum you should contact them for support in the first instance. They should initially ascertain if it affects only you, or multiple users.

Should they require further support, they should post in the troubleshooting forum here or open a ticket.

We can only provide support directly to licensed customers.
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