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First of all, thank you for your great work. It is much valued and appreciated.

My tests have shown one last place that needs re-visiting along the lines of your most recent improvements.

After changing the original author of a post to somebody else, the original author's Postings section in UI > Your Profile Page retains that post as authored by that somebody else. This info is misplaced. The post no longer belongs to the original author and should be removed from the Postings list of that author just like it has been from Recent Activity.
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No, you can do this by default RM:
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Scroll down and klick "Reasign Resource" ;)

I just realized that this works only in the description tab of the resource manager. But if I change the author there, in the discussion tab there is still the old author listed as the owner. Quote: "x submitted a new resource:". This sentence does not change. Is this a bug in the RM?


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That question you should tell xenforo in there bug forum.

But - you can solve this with Andys addon here. :)


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Yes - for every resource cat you can choose a forum for diskussions to save. Go to this forum and change the thread owner how like your mind.

These are two steps - but its work fo rme under xenforo 1.5.1 and latest RM and Andys addon. :)


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Request ACP Logging
It would be nice if every author change is logged into ACP Moderator Log so no abuse possible, cause it's trackable and then restorable (manually^^).
Did this get anywhere @AndyB ? With multiple users having access, I'd like to see who's changed what if I need to.


Andy, what happens to the likes to that post?


Initial author: 5 likes in the post
then post author changed to alternative author

that 5 likes will stay with the initial author or will be moved (instantly or later because some cache...) to the alternative author?

Thanks in advance for any help