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It would be great if there was an option to change all posts instead of just one. This way if there are many posts by this user it would be easier to change all at once if given the choice.


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Thanks for the group permissions! :)

Can i delete the old phrases (change_autor eg. ...) ?
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Its a bug or a feature: ;)


When i change the author in post one in a thread without answers - the thread/post author is ok, but the "last post" author in thread view is the "old" author.:confused:
No problem in threads with more than one post - but in threads with no answers...

And the attachments in a post who i changed the author: the new author is not the owner of the attachments in it... tho old author is the owner bevor and now. :cautious:



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Request ACP Logging
It would be nice if every author change is logged into ACP Moderator Log so no abuse possible, cause it's trackable and then restorable (manually^^).


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I had a dream last night - in my dream, I wanted to change the author of a lot of threads in one go... I just used the inline moderation option to 'change author' and that changed the author of the first post in each thread :)

... then I woke up :(

I would like this feature, if you'd consider it ;)


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yes but what if you owner of big forum and want to moderate 100 post??
Thank you for that scenario :) As it stands you would have to go into each thread one by one to change the author of the first post - it would take you hours. If there was an inline way of doing this it would take you minutes :)


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Hello. I love your resources, @AndyB... small, simple, and do one thing well. Thanks for all of the updates.

Is it possible to use this addon to change a post so that it looks like it was posted by someone who isn't logged on? This could be helpful to protect people's privacy while preserving posts. For example, we use Simple Forms to allow people to post questions on our forum and allow anonymous posts from people who aren't logged in. These posts show up as being posted by "Guest," which doesn't appear to correspond to normal user. Sometimes people forget to log out before posting confidential information, however. Could we use this addon to make it look as if their post was made by someone who wasn't logged on? I've read all of the documentation, but haven't seen a mention of this.