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Change Author 3.0

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Hi @AndyB, thank you for this add-on. Would it be possible to add an option, putting the "change author" link also to the thread options menu?


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It will be fantastic if it allow to change author of your own post. I could change author for post by everyone except me.


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Thanks for this Andy.

I needed to be able to write posts in behalf of some less active members, I did consider a "log in as..." type plugin but they have privacy implications and I read they can trip duplicate account detectors. Yours works well, I can write a post for someone then change the author to them. Also useful is that after writing a post and changing the author, "unapproving" it means the new thread author can effectively view it in private, to check it's OK, before I approve it and make it live.


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Thanks AndyB,

Great and needed.

When I change the author, it doesn't change its information in "Recent Activity" page. Any idea please?


Tiki Tiki

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I've already updated twice tonight. Gonna hold out for v2.6 now. I'll be back in an hour. :ROFLMAO:

Thanks or this add-on! :)