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Not a bug Censorlist usability bug


Well-known member
When adding words to the censor list in chrome it should be possible to add words without having to submit each.

The functionality exists to dynamically add a new row but this only fires if you tab to the checkbox or replacement word field and make a change in that field.

If you tab out of the keyword to replace box and do nothing but tab along then no new row is added, this is not ideal behavior - especially when adding a very long list such as I have.

I suggest a new row should be appended as soon as the keyword to replace box has content and loses focus.

I assume this is a bug. Can anyone else reproduce this in other browsers or is it just a chrome issue?


Well-known member
This works fine in firefox... i have not tested IE but in chrome regular tabbing to the next line doesnt give a new row.
Can someone on chrome please confirm this?