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I was trying to post a link from YouTube music in a forum post, but I couldn't figure out why the URL wouldn't convert to embedded media, and the URL wouldn't even turn into a link. I finally realized that what was happening was the word censor was replacing four of the characters in the URL since they spelled a rather naughty word that we filter out. If I paste it here:****nxr4BM&feature=share can see the issue with four asterisks.

Pasting in a screenshot:


So what is happening is an obscure random occurrence of four letters is triggering the improper behavior. I don't even know if this can be fixed. I tried disabling the word in the word censor and posting, then re-enabling, but then the media block didn't display (as expected).

What was in my word censor?

#### (where #### is the word).

For now I've entered the word on its own, and a handful of variations. But that could leave other uses of the word vulnerable. My thought is that it might be necessary to ignore the censored string #### when it's inside a media or URL BBCode.
I am having the same problem, did you come up with a fix? I thought without an * at the beginning and end of the word, it should ignore words longer than the original.
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