Option to bypass word censor on DM's


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We censor all major email addresses on the forums i.e. @gmail.com. We don't want people posting that info publically on the forums, however, it would be nice for the word censor to not apply to DM's because we don't have a problem with people sending their phone numbers & email via DM/PM/Conversation.

Probably not much interest in this, but I thought I would throw it out there.

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What are DM's? Never heard of this in XenForo context.
This type of stuff is exactly why facebook/Redit/Twitter, etc face a huge challenge. Obviously, everyone with a decent IQ that is reading understands what I am referring to, but time-wasting replies are posted. I call it Internet diarrhea. The internet's biggest threat is it's users.
It's used on social. You never heard the term He slid into my DMs? :D

Twitter has DMs, but all social "say it."

slide into your dms like GIF
Yeah, DM's is the adopted 'mainstream' terminology these days for PMs thanks to the likes of twitter and instagram
Fair enough, but as this is a suggestion thread for xenForo, it might be best that xenfor terminolgy is used. So as a xenforo user I may or may not support the suggestion, but I may have missed the whole thing on account of not knowing what DM is (apart from a type of boot)

Plus what is the apostrophe for? DM's appears to mean something belonging to Doc Martin. Conversations would better (without an apostrophe) because surely anyone who uses xenforo knows what conversations means in the context of xenforo.
The "Conversation" terminology still causes confusion on my board. New users click that thinking it will start a thread. Old users often ask how to send a PM.
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