Can't fix Word censor breaks when colour applied to text


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It seems word censoring can be circumvented in XF by applying colour to a part of the text (usually black - so it isn't visually obvious what has been done).

The HTML tag (as it exists in the post message data) appears to be breaking the word up and stopping the filter from working, e.g.;

Yeah, I tried that, but thought it tasted like sh[COLOR=#000000]i[/COLOR]t
Would it be possible to (or should XF already) filter out the HTML so that words can't be fudged in this way?


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It's basically just not possible to prevent this. There are tradeoffs and problems with all sorts of problems. Censoring is generally something that requires some level of manual management. If someone is circumventing it, you should take action against them.


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Would it be possible for a future version of Xenforo to add in editor permissions in posts in the same way as they've been added for signatures? This would at least allow admins to remove text coloring that bypasses the word filter.