Fixed Case inconsistency in some BBCodes


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I've just noticed a couple case inconsistencies in BBCode used in Xenforo. This isn't exactly mission critical, but I thought I'd raise it anyway.

Many BBCodes use uppercase as can be seen here with some lowercase used in addition e.g. FONT=Arial. However, some BBCodes, when entered using the rich text editor buttons or other means, are in lower case. I made a test post here to show this: BBCode case testing. As you will see if you edit the post (mods) or reply to the post (everyone else) and look at it in the BBCode editor, the following BBCodes are in lower case:

[quote] (when replying to a post or using multi-quote)

I think these have been like it for a while but I really only noticed when using the [QUOTE] from the rich text editor buttons after I replied to a post and viewed it through the BBCode editor.


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The tags are case insensitive, so any variation works. However, I have tweaked this for the the editor-/end user-facing things. There are phrases that have BB codes in them, for example, that I'm not changing.