XF 1.4 Can't upload avatars

Ark Royal

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Evening All,

I upgraded from 1.3.5 to 1.41 over the weekend and all has appeared to have gone very smoothly.
However, today I have tried to upload an avatar and have received the following message:-

The uploaded file is too large for the server to process.

The file size is much smaller than the limits set, I ave also tried uploading an avatar that is already in use and get the same message.

Is there an option I need to setup/change due to the upgrade?
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Ark Royal

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Ah OK, so nothing to do with xenforo then.
I will check with my hosts to see if they have made any changes.

But I can still upload images to the forum but not as avatars:rolleyes:

Ark Royal

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Yep it has not changed, avatars already in use cannot be uploaded either!
The problem is also on my local test site in XAMPP as well so I do not think the hosts are the issue.

Ark Royal

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Seems it isn't just me. A number of my Firefox users are experiencing the same issue.
It is not specific to my hosts as my local test site exhibited the same issue.
@Brogan advised me to clear the Firefox Cache and to disable all plug-ins and extensions.
After doing this I could drag files to be displayed in posts once again.
I then re-enabled all plug-ins and extensions and have not seen the problem re-appear:whistle:

Ark Royal

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It is probably related but I am not using the upload button, I was simply dropping a file in the reply box and recieved the "uploaded file is too large for the server to process." error

Ark Royal

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So out of the blue this evening I can not drag and drop files onto my forum using Firefox or Chrome without getting and erroneousness error message being displayed

If I try IE all works fine?

I have no made changes to my forum for some time, anyone have any ideas why this issue has just started out of the blue?