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Can't pay using paypal?


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I want to purchase using paypal but keep getting this:

We're sorry, but we can't send your payment right now

Return to merchant and try a different payment method
We are not able to process your payment using your PayPal account at this time. Please return to the merchant's website and try using a different payment method (if available).
It might be because you don't have a confirmed PayPal account?
Which means the account's address needs to be verified with Either a valid Credit Card or you address has been verified via a code that PayPal sends via snail-mail to your address that's in your account, which you then log in to PayPal and enter that code PayPal mailed to you.
Not sure that's your issue but just a thought :)

Adam Howard

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Use the contact form to arrange an alternate payment solution: http://xenforo.com/contact
So I literally know a ton of people who are currently STUCK on the old and dying vBulletin platform. They desperately want out and are desperately looking for a solid and affordable alternative.

However, many of these people cannot use paypal (myself included) and it would be not feasible to use a bank transfer. Banks locally where I am would charge anywhere between $25 - 200 (mine is $75), just to do a wire transfer (they call it a convenience fee). That fee for some can be almost equal to the cost of 1 copy of XenForo or greater in the terms of renewal.

I would very much love it if XenForo offered an alternative online payment method.

Amazon - payments.amazon.com
Google - wallet.google.com

^ Any one of the above would be great and are comparable to paypal.

Adam Howard

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A VbV (Verified by Visa)system would be great to add.

This is what I'm hoping that it is.

My fear is they're processing things through paypal. That would still be paypal and it would still be the same problem.

In my case, I use pre-paid visa cards. Which keeps paypal away from my bank or real account. Sometimes paypal is ok with that and other times, they'll just tell you it's "an invalid method of payment".

Which is stupid because it's a prepaid Visa / Master / Discover / or American Express Card. And it's not like you can do a chargeback on them (they only go one way), so it's guaranteed payment. Yet paypal seems to want a real credit card or direct banking information.

Which is still a problem because some banks do give Visa / Master / Discover / Express Debit Card, but still use the protocol (forget the name of it) that pre-paid card also uses (it's cheaper for them to process and banks love doing things on the cheap, while giving their customers higher fees). And so even given the real card can sometimes be a problem.
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If you still want to use money from your paypal account, get a paypal master card. https://www.paypal-prepaid.com Their customer support is HORRIBLE and if you want to activate it, DO NOT do it over the phone cause they'll require you to mail a copy of your SSN which is dumb. I activated mine online and didn't have to do all that.