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Not sure if this is a XenForo configuration question on Payment providers or a development question, so apologies in advance! At a high level, I'm curious if there is any documentation on how to configure PayPal as a purchase profile?

Context: I have been developing an add-on to handle some custom purchases and so everything has been working well using the OzzModz test payment provider (https://xenforo.com/community/resources/ozzmodz-test-payment-provider.8754/), but now switching back to PayPal for final end-to-end testing; I noticed that PayPal doesn't seem to be replying back with the purchase details when PayPal processes the payment.

When I look at purchase requests via database, no purchase_request_key is generated and a purchase log entry is never created. Interestingly though, I am properly redirected from XenForo to paypal, the items desired for purchase are displayed properly, PayPal processes the request, I'm properly charged, and the correct link is defined for the "Return to merchant" button; however, XenForo doesn't seem to receive the purchase details from PayPal that the payment actually happened.

Based on some cursory searching, it seems like a ton of people are setting the IPN callback URL (and this is likely what is needed), but in my searching it looks like there have been responses that IPN shouldn't be set as it's automatically set by XenForo as part of the Purchasable experience. Looking at docs, I can't find anything regarding configuration of specific providers to confirm either way: https://xenforo.com/docs/xf2/payments/

Thank you!
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