XF 2.0 Cant access to /install url

Hi, im trying to install xenforo2 but seems that im doing something wrong.

I followed all steps in this and this guide

I have installed php 7.0 and i fullfill all other requirements ( xenforo requirements: https://puu.sh/xyXQw.png ) (php ver: https://puu.sh/xyY2h.png)
I uploaded all files in var/www/html/ folder

My problem is that i cant access to the install url on my page:

it gives me http error 500:

And other thing that i saw. Those guides talk about data and internal_data permisses, but i dont have those folders


I saw the data folder on upload/src/XF but im not sure if this is the same folder...

What im doing wrong?

Thanks for your help


Chris D

XenForo developer
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What version of MySQL do you have?

At this point, you will need to look in your server logs, such as your Apache or nginx or PHP error logs. Whatever error you're having will likely be logged so hopefully that will tell you what the issue is.

If you don't know where these are or have no access to them then you will need to ask your host.
my mysql: 1505336114825.png

On php apache2 error.log i didnt saw nothing related to install url but, every time i try to access to install url, it gives me this error:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught League\\Flysystem\\Exception: Impossible to create the root directory "/var/www/html/data". in /var/www/html/src/XF/$"

That data directory is something what i'm currently missing... i think there is something wrong with the permissions with php... is that possible?
thanks for your help


Chris D

XenForo developer
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Yeah that would definitely suggest a permissions issue, though usually it wouldn't have an issue creating them itself.

I suspect you don't have either a data or internal_data directory because you downloaded the upgrade package which excludes those directories specifically.

Shouldn't be an issue though to just create those directories manually. If you do that, make sure they're world writable / chmod set to 0777 and ensure that is set recursively for all contents too.

Then try the installation again. Hopefully it will just go through. We don't programmatically attempt to create any files or directories anywhere other than data and internal_data apart from the config.php file, though you will be directed to download the built config file and upload it if there's a problem writing that out. Aside from that, hopefully it will work fine.


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Same happend here, and i've downloaded the full version.

I forgot to chmod the data and internal_data folder. Instead of a notice all i got was the 500 error.