Cannot reproduce  Cannot log out of XF bug

Ryan Kent

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I was logged into my forums from a second pc with a user account. I was doing some testing, I desired to have my "Members Online" counter show 0, so I decided to logout of my forums. I pressed LogOut in the upper right-corner of my window, the screen refreshed but I remained logged in. I tried numerous times, same result. I tried switching tabs and logging out, but I still remained logged in. I tried the Log Out option from the user drop down box, yet I still remained logged in.

Ultimately I closed my browser to resolve the issue. Another note, when I did try to log in next I entered my name but my password did not auto-populate as it normally should. I manually entered my password, logged in and everything was fine. I was able to log out, and when I typed my name to log back in, my password automatically populated.

I have been unable to reproduce this issue. I have a clean install of RC2. The only add-ons installed are XenPorta/Medio/Atendo.


XenForo developer
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No issues with this here, though I should note that if you change your cookie path/domain settings at some point, this can happen and you may need to delete cookies (alternatively, it will correct itself when the old cookies are removed).

Ryan Kent

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this is a second pc which I presently use for the sole purpose of testing forums with a 2nd acct. I am certain no cookies were clear nor any other changes made to the pc. It really just sits there except for my use of website. I use IE 8 on that pc. To be clear for all those who just moaned (yes, I heard you) I am a happy FF user and have been for years. I use the IE on that pc so I can view things from an IE user's perspective.

The issue never happened before nor since, just sharing in case others experience it so you have more info. Thanks for listening.