Can someone please help me with installing an add-on

That addon is pretty simple. Upload the files, thereby creating the library/Borbole directory. Then import the addon-Borbole_WarnUserMod.xml file:

Admin CP -> Home -> Install Add-on

Which part are you having trouble with?
i did that but it just doesnt seem to work when i give someone a warning it should kick in but it is not kicking in

i set the add-on to kick in after one warning point then i gave someone 1 warning point but the person was still able to post and the add-on did not do anything did not tell me and do what it said it could do
I don't use this addon myself but something to consider:
In the ACP you need to configure the addon and enter the minimum number of warning points (i.e 20).
You also need to specify the ID numbers of the forum or forums that you wish to moderate in this way. To find out the forum ID you require just visit your forum and in the web browser just hover over the relevant forums - you will see something like www.yourwebsite/forums/category.xx

The number at the end is the forum ID of that particular forum. Enter these as a comma separated list when configuring the addon: (e.g. 23, 5, 26, 43)
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