XF 2.2 Something has gone very wrong with installing an add-on update


Hi all,

I'm working with a website that I inherited with no prior knowledge of website development. I'm doing my best to learn. I appreciate your patience.

In the past, I've downloaded the .zip file of an add-on update, extracted it, and dragged the contents of the Upload folder onto public_html using a FTP program:


In this case, it is an update to this add-on:

My site is currently down with the notice "The site is currently being upgraded. Please check back later."

When I go to /install, I see this:


I have re-downloaded, re-extracted, and attemped to re-upgrade the add-on, but all problems still remain and the site is inaccessible.

Can anyone help?
You have to upload them to /src/addons/... not the root folder.
That's not quite correct. At least not always.

An add-on will ship with an upload directory. You're supposed to upload the contents of that to the root folder because there could be files outside of the src/addons directory that need to be uploaded.

I've done that, with no luck.
It looks to me like you may have, at some point, attempted to upload a new XenForo version. Our upgrade check system says you're running XF 2.2.7 Patch 1 but that isn't consistent with the version number displayed on the install page:


You need to try and ascertain which version you're supposed to be running and re-upload the files for that version. Your files appear to be in an inconsistent state at present.
Well I’m not sure how XF 2.1.0 has ended up on your server then.

You’ll need to reupload the files from XF 2.2.7 Patch 1 by downloading them from your customer area. Hopefully that will fix the issue.
I have a remarkable talent for creating unexplainable happenings.

Just to be sure I'm doing this exactly right and not doing something stupid, where am I looking to put the patch files now that I have them downloaded and extracted?

I assume it's public_html where all the same folder names are?

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I downloaded and extracted the patch, and it seems to be stuck in a loop in my FTP client for the past half hour or so. I'm afraid to cancel it but its progress has stopped, and the same status messages in the log just keep repeating. What do I do?


Cancel it and try again.

If you have cPanel you can upload the zip file, extract it on the server and just copy the files into place.

it may be that your FTP connection is unreliable.
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