XF 2.1 Installing an add-on through the ACP


Hello :)

I have been trying to install an add-on on my forum but through the ACP and it doesn't seem to be working, I have also uploaded the add-on to my server but I have no idea on how to install it.

I am a little confused on how to install it through my ACP.

Can anyone help me please?


Installation via the ACP doesn't require uploading the files to the server.
It does however require specific configuration as explained here: https://xenforo.com/xf2-docs/manual/add-ons/#installing-or-upgrading-an-add-on

Otherwise, if you have already uploaded the files to the correct location (unzipped), the add-on will appear as installable on the add-ons page: admin.php?add-ons/
Thank you I have looked at that link and I can't seem to find the src/config.php on my server.

Sorry I am new to this, If I do it through my server then where am I extracting it to? When I right click on the file I get this /public_html but what do I type in after that?


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The file is inside the directory where you have installed XF.

Typically, if your site is in the domain root it's going to be public_html/src/config.php.

You can either edit the file directly on the server, or download it to your computer, edit it, and upload it again.