Bye friends.

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Just writing this to say bye (as people also write introduction threads),
and to make it clear I've requested to have my forums account deleted.

Thanks for your support, great feedback, and your (new) friendships.
I had a lot of fun helping my friends Kier, Mike and Ashley with XenForo.
I also had a lot of fun learning XenForo and sharing that with others.
And I had a lot of fun running for a while.

But due to changes in my situation the last six months, which allow me no longer to provide support for XenForo and require me to focus on other things.

Resources will remain to be downloadable through and, and people are free to continue to use them.

I hope to be able to have one or more XenForo licenses later this year, but I won't be around on this community anymore. What has convinced me is how people have misbehaved here towards each other lately; On top of everything else.

See you guys on Skype, e-mail, or some social network.


Sorry to see you leave the forums but as we have been friends now for about 8 years I know your circumstances better than others and that doing things you enjoy 100% can make certain aspects of life more tolerable.

Social media can be full of people who think they know you or who think they can have an opinion based on their own often mythical beliefs of what they think you are about, so I understand your need to post a "conclusion".

I can only conclude that I personally have appreciated all the help you have given me in the past including the design of my web site, the information you have given me to fill in the total void that exists in my coding capabilities and the excellent chats we have had. They will of course continue.

vB was all the better for your years of input, a lifesaver for those you helped turning vB4 sites back to vB 3 and your later work with XF which some people took far too much for granted.

Enjoy the extra time you will have available, you deserve it.


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Sorry to see you go Floris. I'm not really familiar with your work (my being fairly new here) but from what I can tell you've contributed quite a bit.

Why request to have your account deleted though? Seems unnecessary, unless you're just really OCD about that sort of stuff ;)


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Hopefully XF is like my forum where we ignore requests to delete accounts. :) Hope to see you around soon, Floris.

Thank you for all of the help you've provided me over the years between vB and XF.
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