Buy used varified license


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Hi guys I'm about to buy a varified license and have checked the token but the license that is on offer includes extras such as media gallery and resources. How can I check that these are actually part of the varification or that I'm not just being sold a basic license.
Also the license expires in May 2016 can I buy extrea support and downloads and the cost please.
I understand that once I purchase the license I can no longer sell it... I'm ok with that as I've been loyal to Vbulletin for 8 years so I'm looking forward to being part of the Xenforo community.


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Wow thanks for the quick responce... I've forgotten what it's like to ask questions and not have to wait days for a reply. Thank you for the upgrade/support information. I will do my maths and see if it is a better deal for me to buy new.


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You can sell a new license on and recoup some cost, that's if you don't plan on using XF for a while. Personally, I'd buy a 2nd hand license. I have no plans in getting rid of mine.

When you're getting a license transferred over, XF open a ticket with you informing if you wish to accept the transfer. That's the part where you should be sure to ask if it has the add-ons the seller claims it does.