hii i have scame by someone while try buy license second hand


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i have swnd him money today and after that he not send me the account of xenforo or give me license

he block me in whatsapp

please if there is any methode to talk with him or even revoke this license with this email

i feel sorry because he scam me not about money
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What payment method? If it was PayPal or similar you just need to file a dispute. It is nothing to do with xenForo.

I’m sorry this has happened hopefully you can get your money back.
Buying second hand licenses is allowed, as long as the transfer process is followed.

I think transferring ownership is something different. Buying a second-hand copy is more like a pirated copy of a license.
No like some have already mentioned you can buy a second hand license as long as you follow the correct transferring procedures. I have three Xenforo licenses, one bought new and two were second hand. My theory was since I'm not ever interested in selling the licenses to me they're just like a new license. Now this was back in the early days when a second hand license was more readily available. I bought mine from Xtra License and the process was very smooth, easy and legit. However I don't think Xtra License is even in business anymore, not sure. But if you can find a second hand license from a legit provider it's not a bad way to go. But I think they are really hard to find. Good luck in your search.
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