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[Bug?] Search this Forum only selected by default.


Active member
Just remove the checked attribute entirely.
Thank you, can you tell me what the attribute is, I'm not sure what that means? This is the code...
<label title="{xen:phrase search_only_x, 'title={$forum.title}'}"><input type="checkbox" name="nodes[]" value="{$forum.node_id}"
    id="search_bar_nodes" class="Disabler AutoChecker" checked="checked"
    data-uncheck="#search_bar_thread" /> {xen:phrase search_this_forum_only}</label>
    <ul id="search_bar_nodes_Disabler">
        <li><label><input type="checkbox" name="type[post][group_discussion]" value="1"
            id="search_bar_group_discussion" class="AutoChecker"
            data-uncheck="#search_bar_thread" /> {xen:phrase display_results_as_threads}</label></li>