XF 2.2 Board URL option does not match the site URL?

OK, I got this error and have reloaded and uploaded the new files, then I checked for an upgrade, and it still shows.

Is there anything that I should be looking at, and is there a time frame until the licenses update?

The site URL matches the board URL.

Thank you,
JJ Smith
Looking at your install records, I can't see why this would still be displaying. I can see that at least one of your licenses were using files from your other license(s) but this does appear to have been resolved.

It should work as soon as you check for upgrades.
I have the same problem.

I usually use a "master" XF installation with all ACP-settings and addons already preinstalled to save time. I install this master on a new community projects. After that I enter in the Xenforo client area the new URL and run then the upgrade to the newest version of XF from within the ACP of that new community.

The upgrade to 2.2.15 works fine, but I still get the alert

"The Board URL option does not match the site URL configured for your license."

The URL in the client area is 100% correct, incl. https (I just copied the url and pasted it in the client area). No subdomain is used.

How can I disable the alert?
How can I disable the alert?
I ran into this issue with a site I purchased. Since my account is not the same as the original owner I had to download the update package and have the server owner install it from the one associated with my new account for the domain. I submitted a ticket for support and was told what three files to change, but I am not going to relate those here as I am not sure that the xenforo people would appreciate pointing out what files need to be replaced.
Thanks, I just downloaded the full zip and overwrote all files via FTP.

But this should not be necessary. In the upgrade feature within ACP, it should automatically adjust the URL according to the URL registered in the Xenforo account and double check the install path to avoid misuse.

Doing it now with overwriting it via FTP manually is wasting time of the customer.
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