Not a bug Admin CP header site name linked to board url even if a home page url is specified in settings


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The site name link in the admin control panel header (see image below) is hard coded to always link to the board url. I believe if there is a home page url specified in the settings it should default to the home page url rather than the board url.

This is very much intentional. While it may work for some, it by no means would work for many customers, including ourselves!

If we're in our admin control panel, we want that link to take us to the board URL, and not

I just took a look at your website though and it has confused me. I assume your board URL is /community but you seem to have XF running at your root too in some fashion. Is this the same XF installation somehow? How is this achieved exactly? I think this is the key difference (which feels somewhat rare) which makes what you're proposing right for you where it wouldn't be right for many others.
I see what you are saying, I was just under the impression most anyone (unfortunately, other than yourselves) would typically want their home page url linked to the site name if a home page url existed within the settings.

Yes our board url is /community . We use this small Custom PHP Pages add-on that allows us to run additional pages anywhere within the same domain as our single XenForo installation using the same XenForo framework, sessions, permissions, etc. This allows for our custom pages to reside in any parent (root), child or sibling folders to the XenForo install folder.
I can think of a lot of customers where this just wouldn't work. For you, sure, your home page is essentially XenForo. For most, any "home page" will usually be some other system entirely. Perhaps Wordpress, or some other custom front end that's not directly connected to the forum.

Perhaps the add-on developer could consider adding a further link to the header that can take you to the custom page rather than the board URL? That seems like a good solution. This seems to me like a problem that only exists with this specific approach.
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