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XF 1.5 Blank page on load with date stamp


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A user recently reported this:
Didn't want to create a new thread, but - conversations seems broken. When I post a reply, I just get a blank page with the date on it. It broke some time yesterday.
Another user too:
So totally weird thing with conversations. If you end a sentence with

the message fails, you get a grey screen
but only a smiley face after data when data is the last word
well, maybe there are other words / emotes that cause the error, but that one certainly does
I created a thread about a similar issue caused when I would modify stuff in the admin backend:

Any ideas on how I should troubleshoot and resolve this?


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Have you tried disabling add-ons and seeing if that resolves the issue?
I can't seem to replicate the issues but they keep happening randomly so it's hard to tell what happens if I disable all plugins for a few minutes. I will disable addons when I can replicate. Can you recommend any way to press forward on this now? Thanks.