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XF 1.4 blank page on mass email of users

for some reason when i try to send a mass email to the users of my board, i get a blank page.

the only option i've changed is "only generate a list of email addresses". when i uncheck that box everything seems to work as normal.

i guess it's not a huge issue since the mass emailing still works, but just thought i'd point it out in case anyone has had similar problems.
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ok, well, i take that back. upon completion of the mass email, i get the message:

"Your email was sent to 7,626 users. (Emails failed to be sent to 7,503 users.)"

...which is rather confusing.

is there any ways to confirm that these emails were sent?
oh, duh! i should have checked that. apparently my email provider (zoho) blocked all my outgoing emails after the first 30 or so went out. thanks for the help!