XF 1.4 Big issue with rights as admin...


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Hello all,

As admin, I can't edit posts anymore...
I have full rights and I have checked under my group "admin" and everything is checked as "authorized"...

I have checked under admin too everything is checked too.

Another group has the same issue...
Any idea please cause?

I have the same problem with Taigachat Pro 1.30, no rights anymore and this is for everyone...



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Use the analyze permissions function.

My guess is you have Never set somewhere (or not set for all relevant user groups).


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Where can I change rights a part under "user group" and under the group admin and moderator and under element structure cause everything is checked on authorized?


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Please find more details cause this problem is really urgent...

I have checked everything under element structure +under the group "expert" (group who has this problem) + tested with permission analyzer but everything seems to be okay and correctly configured.
I really need help cause some of my members are the same problem with the group "members"...

I don't understand this issue...
I have to be sure deleted all of my user upgrade to avoid any conflict.

Attachments are in french but you will see that "edit own messages" is correctly checked.




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Attachments are in french but you will see that "edit own messages" is correctly checked.
Those are forum (node) permissions. What about user group permissions? You need to look at those to check that users can edit their posts and specifically that the time limit for editing posts is not set to 0.

I also suspect that you don't have permissions set up in the recommended way. You should really be doing most of it though user group permissions and only setting forum permissions where you want them to differ. So forum (node) permissions should generally be set to Inherit.

I'd recommend reading and implementing the setup detailed in this guide.


You should also read this guide too



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I did everything on the post you have mentioned.
Everything is ok even the time limit for editing posts which is not on 0...

I'm trying to disable some add-on but it seems to be another issue...


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In fact, all of my user groups have no possibility to edit/delete their own messages...

Admin and moderator can edit and delete.

I have tried everything, it becomes critical cause no one can edit/delete...

If you have any idea?


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Please stop tagging me in every post, I will see your posts when I visit this site.

You'll have to disable all add-ons and then test again.

If it's still happening I suggest you look again at how you have set up permissions across user groups and forums. As I said, you shouldn't really be setting Allow in node permissions unless it's a change from what is set in user group permissions, you should usually use Inherit. Do re-read the guides I linked to above.


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Please read my previous post, I have disabled all addon but no change.
All of the permissions are correctly configured and everything is set on inherit under "node".

Edit own post is checked to "yes" for both groups.

Read the guide will not help for my issue cause everything is configured like the guide mentions...
Everything was ok during the night and this morning, no one can edit anymore.

Cron task issue? Cache issue I don't know but the problem doesn't come from user groups permission.

I have 300 membres who can't edit/delete, this issue is critical and I check this issue since the morning but everything is ok and I did not change something...


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In fact,

The problem comes from "test permission" cause I asked some user to check and everything seems to be ok.
Very weird...

Thanks anyway for your help.