Implemented Better support for StopForumSpam "toxic" entries


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Occasionally StopForumSpam chooses to blacklist certain IP addresses, email hostnames, and usernames. SFS refers to these as "toxic" entries. They're manually managed by the owner of SFS. When an IP address, email address, or username is considered toxic, the SFS API will return a frequency of 255 for the corresponding field.

It'd be nice if XenForo had some sort of indicator to show that users blocked for toxic entries are blacklisted by hand, not necessarily evidence submitted recently by forums. While these bans are normally put in place for obvious reasons, sometimes they are outdated. It can be confusing if a certain email hostname always requires admin approval for registration, but there aren't any reports matching that hostname in the SFS database.

There's not much documentation about this feature on the SFS website. After I asked about an unusual case on their forums, a moderator told me the special meaning of 255. The owner confirmed that this is the expected behavior.

For example, here's what I might see now in "Users Awaiting Approval":

StopForumSpam matched (email: 255)

Here's what I'd rather see:

[code]StopForumSpam matched (email: blacklisted)

... where "blacklisted" is a link to a page/popup/tooltip explaining what it means.
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Yep, basically looks something like this:


I will mark this as implemented.

I should note; we don't elaborate on what "blacklisted" means, but we feel it is clear enough now. In conjunction with the fact that we're catching some common email typos (such as gamil instead of gmail, which coincidentally is a SFS blacklisted domain) should mean this is now a lot clearer.
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