spam prevention

  1. alexD

    Unmaintained AllowedEmails 1.0.0

    This add-on was generously funded by @Case. Please drop him a like to show him your appreciation! It provides a whitelist feature for email hosts. this add-on is supported and maintained
  2. AddonsLab

    Perspective API Integration by AddonsLab 1.3.1

    Add-On Information Google Perspective API is the next generation AI tool for automated content moderation and quality control. Google Perspective API is still in beta and you need to request API access to use the add-on. Please visit for more information This...
  3. PaulB

    Implemented Better support for StopForumSpam "toxic" entries

    Occasionally StopForumSpam chooses to blacklist certain IP addresses, email hostnames, and usernames. SFS refers to these as "toxic" entries. They're manually managed by the owner of SFS. When an IP address, email address, or username is considered toxic, the SFS API will return a frequency...
  4. Your Ski Advisor

    XF 1.5 Approving Members (to control spammers)

    It seems that our spammers come in between 12-4AM (PST). Is a way in the settings that we can set a timer that all members need to be approved during a certain time frame?
  5. AppleAndMango

    Spam/bot accounts

    Hello! I'm having quite a lot of accounts created that do not actually post threads or post on other members threads but instead an account is created and a link usually pointing towards another site selling drugs or supplements you know the usual stuff you'd see if a spammer/bot would post in...
  6. naia

    Crowdsourced Human Spammers

    You may be aware of services like Amazon Mechanical Turk or Microworkers. These are crowdsourcing services that allow vendors to pay small amounts of money for the completion of tasks. These tasks often range from things like helping Google and Bing rank search results (human experience), and...
  7. naia

    Add-on Trust+ - Intelligent Security Service

    Hello, I am currently working on developing a security and risk assessment service called Trust+, and I intend to release an add-on for Xenforo which utilizes the service. Trust+ will be launched with the following features; The ability to intelligently detect and block disposable email...
  8. naia

    Block Disposable Email Addresses [Deleted]

    This resource has been replaced by the Trust+ Risk Analysis system.
  9. AlexanderBezborodov

    Unmaintained Anti-Spam by CleanTalk 2.6

    MOD checks new registrations and comments on the forum using a series of tests to detect spambots - blacklisted IP, EMAIL address, the presence of JavaScript, form submitting time, etc. We have developed anti-spam for WordPress that would provide maximum protection from spambots and you can...
  10. WoodiE

    Spam and Disposable email addresses 0.4

    Description: Xenforo doesn't easily allow you to add large numbers of email addresses to ban (such as vB) and thus must be added one by one. Using this add-on removes the need to add each email address one by one by simply importing a .SQL file into your database. Total domains blocked: 1398...
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