1. creativeforge

    StopForumSpam: usernames flagging 100% useless

    Hi, for new registration: is there a way to avoid having usernames flags kick the registration to be manually approved? 100% of these always turn out legit anyways upon verification. We'd like to bypass having to deal with this "quarantine" queue for usernames. I have our settings thusly. How...
  2. N

    XF 2.1 Email address filtering via StopForumSpam during registration

    Hi folks. We get a lot of user registrations which end up in moderation because of hits on StopForumSpam - they end up in status "email: blacklisted". My understanding is that most of them are email providers which are deemed toxic by the StopForumSpam system. I think it would be a better...
  3. Chromaniac

    Fixed StopForumSpam is now offering load balanced API nodes

    just a fyi. in case this can be incorporated in 2.1.1 release for improved performance or something. cheers.
  4. PaulB

    XF 1.5 DNSBLs

    In XenForo_DnsBl, the necessary code for three blacklists exists: Spamhaus Tornevall Project Honey Pot The method for Spamhaus isn't referenced anywhere, so that leaves Project Honey Pot and Tornevall. This is what the control panel says on those: Looking at the code, that description is...
  5. C

    Implemented Contact form anti-spam

    I think that StopForumSpam should be integrated with the contact form to prevent contact form spam.
  6. PaulB

    Implemented Better support for StopForumSpam "toxic" entries

    Occasionally StopForumSpam chooses to blacklist certain IP addresses, email hostnames, and usernames. SFS refers to these as "toxic" entries. They're manually managed by the owner of SFS. When an IP address, email address, or username is considered toxic, the SFS API will return a frequency...
  7. creativepart

    Duplicate StopForumSpam Username

    I know this has come up over and over and over again but it really needs to be added to the To Do list for a future fix. We need an option to turn off the SFS username check - its worthless. If you search for this here you find dozens of folks asking for this over and over. You find folks...
  8. Stuart Wright

    Third party Erroneous stopforumspam actions

    I think this might be a bug which has been around a while (like a high number of months). And we have a few anti-spam addons which might be getting in the way. But we occasionally (like maybe once a week or more) get a user registration moderation queue item because of stopforumspam which...
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