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[FF] StopForumSpam Flag Selector 1.0.1

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benFF submitted a new resource:

[FF] StopForumSpam Flag Selector - Choose which user flags to use for spam checks

Out the box XenForo checks Username, Email and IP address against the SFS database.

This isn't ideal as (IMHO) a username isn't really that unique.

This add-on lets you choose which flags are used for the moderate and reject warning flag count.

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I personally just check Email and IP - which means I can moderate registrations with 1 flag detected and reject registrations with 2.

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Steve Gibson

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OMG!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

This has been driving me crazy!! I LOVE the SFS, bug we're getting SO MUCH false positive matches on username that it's been driving us crazy. Perfectly valid users, trying register as "Tom" or "Alex" are disallowed just because of their name. I suppose that I could increase the threshold above '1', but I want to be rigorous, just not with their name.

So, again... Thank you thank you!!

/Steve Gibson.