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[FF] StopForumSpam Flag Selector 1.0.2

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
Out the box XenForo checks Username, Email and IP address against the SFS database.

This isn't ideal as (IMHO) a username isn't really that unique.

This add-on lets you choose which flags are used for the moderate and reject warning flag count by adjusting their weighting.

So for example, if you set a flag weight to 2 it will count as 2 flags in the "Moderate registrations when this many warning flags are detected" and "Reject registrations when this many warning flags are detected" count, or if you set it to 0 then the flag will be ignored entirely.


In the below example (using the settings above) - this means a flagged email will automatically be rejected, but a flagged IP will just be put in the moderation queue.

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Excellent method for dealing with false-positive spam hits on something like just the name. Why block "Bob" if both their email & IP are fine?
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