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[FF] AMS Enhancements 1.2.6

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
Additional requirements
Bob's AMS 2.2.26+
Visible branding
This addon supersedes my previous AMS Discussion Thread Enhancements.
If you had that installed, this will migrate any per-prefix settings, so you don't need to do it again. Then uninstall it after so they don't clash :)

You can all thank @Forsaken for sponsoring the license for AMS so this could be released :D

  • Show the article content above in the thread header (with page buttons if multipage article)
  • Hide first post of the discussion (which is just a link to the article).
  • Optionally show the article cover image (either as thumbnail or full image)
  • Add a "Create Article" button to selected forums
  • Link AMS and XF prefixes, so when discussion thread is created it can be set by prefix rather than just category.
  • Update discussion thread prefix if article is moved to a new category or has its prefix changed.
  • Move reactions from original thread when using "Convert thread to article" function.
  • Copy newly posted comments to the article discussion thread.
  • Correctly prefix all table fields, template names and option variables to bring it in line with XF addon coding standards - thanks @Bob :)
  • Integrate prefix filter into main navigation block
  • [NEW] Generate cover image thumbnails - Instead of serving full size attachments as cover images (which can really slow page loading down) you can now choose to generate a smaller version which will be used instead, totally bypassing the attachments system (and able to be easily edge cached)



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