Better functionality to report and moderate illegal hate speech

Tracy Perry

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The US senate is threatening a wide array of bills to regulate hate speech, fake news, fake accounts and GDPR like legislation:
Biggest issue they will have with that is some aspects interact with the 1sst amendment... and there's as reason that it's the 1st amendment listed.
The founding fathers opinion of free speech was at the forefront of their minds. Just because some people don't like the speech doesn't mean it can be regulated. That is one area that the US is different than the EU - amongst several other ways.
Same way with "fake" news.
And technically, your account is a "fake" account as it's not who you REALLY are (your name by law).


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This is now going to impact websites.

Google has now applied rigorous changes to its algorithms and a team of content quality moderators is evaluating websites.

If hate speech, upsetting or offensive content, deceitful/misinforming content, harmful pages, illegal images are found then you get the lowest rating. If you get the lowest rating then this is what happens with your traffic:
A 60-80 drop in traffic is not out of the ordinary.

And conversely for pages that score well on page quality this has happened:
Source: SemRush.

Quite a lot of sites have been hit with this update. And as the Google Team reviews more sites, more and more websites will be affected.

IMHO this is an important matter that will only become more critical.